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What is Trakila ?

Found a new pair of jeans online, that you so badly want to buy, but not sure if it is worth the price the eCommerce website is quoting? Fret not !! Trakila brings to your desktop an easy to use Chrome Extension, which quietly does it's work in the background, without disturbing your overall browsing experience.

The next time you visit any of the popular online shopping sites, remember to click on the tiny purple Trakila icon, to reveal the complete graphical price history of the product. You can see what and when was the highest price recorded for the item so far, the lowest price the product has ever been sold for. Trakila compares the same product on multiple websites, and shows you where you can buy it for the lowest price.

What's more, you can also read Live Reviews about the product; question, compare and discuss about the product with other potential buyers who are also looking at the same product at the same time as you are. You can also ask a question to the Seller, who immediately gets a notification, and replies back in real time. The experience is just like you are shopping at your local store, without leaving the comfort of your home. One of our prime philosophies is to bring transparency between the buyer and the seller, bring them closer during the transaction, and remove unnecessary interactions by third-parties, so that you can get the best deal and the best shopping experience online.

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Price Graph History

Get upto date price graphs of your items as they raise and fall!

Flexible Use

Advices you when and where to buy your item, so that you can save the big bucks !

Track Popular Online Markets

Track prices on the most popular e-commerce sites online !

Get Live Reviews

Read product reviews and comparisons, ask questions and discuss with other people watching the same product, chat with seller directly !


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